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How To Develop a Full Stack Dapp For Ethereum

Learn how to develop professional React.js UIs for Ethereum Smart Contracts

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This is the only course that teaches you how to develop professional front-ends connected to Smart Contracts on Ethereum.

Save yourself a ton of time and frustration as you learn from an expert.

Get bootstrapped with an expert front-end boilerplate for any Smart Contract.

Get bootstrapped with React Dapp Boilerplate

Quickly master React.js as you build a real dapp in highly reuseable UI components.

Digital Asset Checkout Flow

Learn how to structure your Web3.js Smart Contract calls using the industry-standard Redux design pattern.

Redux design pattern

Learn how to easily synchronize the state of your Smart Contracts, and transactions, using Truffle's Drizzle.

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Easily style, theme, and design your dapp with Material-UI. And quickly give your dapp a professional look and feel.

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Become one of the world's first blockchain developers.

Get production ready in 1 week, and give users an awesome UX.

Get instant access to the private member's area

Get step-by-step guidance by an experienced professional in the industry, and avoid technical debt.

Mark Muskardin, creator of React Dapp Boilerplate

Mark Muskardin - Ethereum Dapp Developer, Front-End Engineer, and creator of React Dapp Boilerplate.

Complete just 10 lectures.

Just 10 main lectures to gain profiency of these skills.

10x your ability to build the world's first blockchain applications for actual users.

Module 1:
Installation And Setup

Module 2, 3 & 4:
The React Front-End Architecture

Module 5:
Integrating MetaMask

Module 6:
Connect The UI To The Smart Contract

Module 7:
Develop The Digital Asset Registration Flow

BONUS - Module 8:
Ethereum Development Basics

Smart contract with ethereum logo and mobile application